Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation commits to a six year partnership with Child Poverty Action Group

Te Rourou, Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation is working to create a more equitable Aotearoa for our rangatahi. Part of this is ensuring all young people have access to an adequate income. This is a massive and important task, and the Vodafone Foundation has signed a long-term partnership agreement to support the Child Poverty Action Group to help make a real difference in the lives of our young people.

Lani Evans, Head of Te Rourou, Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation, explains “The Child Poverty Action Group is a collective of real change makers, with a proven track record of creating better outcomes for our rangatahi. Like us, they’re focused on long-term, systemic change and by providing them with guaranteed funding for the next six years we’re enabling them to focus on what really matters and increasing the likelihood of successful change.”

The Group focuses on research, education and advocacy to influence policy and they were instrumental in the 2021 benefit increases which will help thousands of kiwi children and their families.

The Foundation’s funding will support the Group’s research and advocacy work including future projects such as research into minimum income standards which is crucial to informing social policy and improving outcomes for disadvantaged children.

“$240,000 is a significant amount of funding which will make a huge difference to their organisation and we’re excited to see the positive impact this will have for Aotearoa and our young people,” Lani says.

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