Nine new rural cell sites further enhance connectivity for New Zealanders

Mobile cell sites in country Aotearoa are part of the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG)

With nine new mobile cell sites going live around rural Aotearoa over the past few weeks, more New Zealanders can now connect to rural wireless broadband technology as part of Vodafone’s involvement in the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG).

Rural broadband is delivered over a fast 4G mobile connection, which means the internet can be delivered wirelessly and removes the need for underground cabling to connect households. As this technology include 4G Calling via VoLTE, mobile users also benefit from crystal clear voice calls.

As Sharina Nisha, Head of Platforms, Vodafone NZ explains: “We’re continually investing in new network technology across Aotearoa, and we are pleased more of rural New Zealand can now connect to a 4G mobile site. The Rural Connectivity Group is a great example of sensible infrastructure sharing whereby we work with industry partners to build mobile cell sites in rural New Zealand, to offer reliable mobile connectivity to smartphones and homes via wireless broadband.”

This means locals in the following areas now have access to better mobile and wireless broadband connectivity:

  • Putaruru, South Waikato District
  • Mapiu, Waitomo District
  • Te Kiri, South Taranaki District
  • Tangimoana, Rangitikei District
  • Ahiweka, Tararua District
  • Dorie, Ashburton District
  • Waitohi Hill, Timaru District
  • Woodbury, Timaru District
  • Mokoreta, Southland District

A 4G-enabled device is required to connect to an RCG site. More information, including which mobile phones this includes, is available here:

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