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Vodafone and DDB Aotearoa introduce Kiwis to Hayden 2030 in first campaign under new ‘Go You’ platform

Vodafone New Zealand and DDB Aotearoa have this week introduced Kiwis to the future of 5G in a new product campaign, Hayden 2030. The 45” spot is the first cab off the rank in the four-part series under the digital service provider’s new communication platform, ‘Go You.’

The campaign follows Hayden, your classic run-of-the-mill, time-travelling Kiwi, from 2030 as he travels back to the moment his past-self first gets his hands-on innovative Vodafone products, then reminisces about why the particular day in time is of such great significance.

The first chapter, launched on TV from Sunday 25 October, invites viewers to experience the moment Hayden first gets Vodafone 5G. A nostalgic Hayden 2030 watches on as present-day Hayden discovers the new generation features that come with Vodafone 5G such as super-fast downloads.

Says Vodafone New Zealand Brand Centre of Excellence Lead, Nileema Allerston, “We’re thrilled to introduce Aotearoa to Hayden 2030, the first of a number of campaigns under our fresh new ‘Go You’ platform. Hayden represents our future selves delving back into the past, observing pivotal moments in which he has the opportunity to interact and start properly understanding the awesome capabilities of products such as 5G on New Zealand’s largest mobile 5G network.”

Moving away from the existing ‘The future is exciting’ global platform, ‘Go You’ is designed to give Vodafone New Zealand a consistent way of making their digital services and products more understandable and engaging for all Kiwis.

Says DDB AU/NZ Regional Chief Creative Officer, Damon Stapleton, “Digital products and services are constantly evolving, it’s incredible but when you’re in the moment, it is sometimes hard to see. This is exactly why time travel is so convenient. It allows you to travel, relive and reflect. We created Hayden 2030 as a representation of exciting moments to come thanks to Vodafone.”

The longform 45” spot will also roll out via 30” and will be supported with OOH, Digital and Social marketing.

To view and download the full TVC click here.

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