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Industry A call from the companies providing internet access for the great majority of New Zealanders, to the companies with the greatest influence over social media content
19 March 2019
Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO, Facebook

Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google  

Business AA and Vodafone call on drivers to leave the phone alone
12 March 2019
Growing concerns over phone use behind the wheel have led to Vodafone and the Automobile Association joining forces to encourage drivers to leave the phone alone.  They have enlis
Business Vodafone New Zealand inspires domestic violence policy in 25 countries
8 March 2019
Vodafone Group announced it will be implementing a new programme for victims of domestic violence and abuse in 25 countries, based o

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Toolkit on domestic violence and abuse at work: Recognise, respond and refer
4 March 2019
This toolkit was produced for Vodafone Foundation by Dr Jane Pillinger, Independent Gender Expert

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Futerra Report: What can we look forward to? An Insights Report On Optimism
The Future Is Exciting: An Insights Report on Optimism
5 October 2017
On behalf of Vodafone, Futerra invited a group of leading futurists to reflect on what could go right, rather than what might go wrong.

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TCF Telecommunications Industry Sector Report
TCF Telecommunications Industry Sector Report
17 March 2017
Telecommunications services have become a key staple of modern life. As consumers, we expect fast, ubiquitous access to networks that allows us to get on with our digitally-connected lives. 

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