Vodafone gets nod to offer additional services to government agencies under the TaaS Panel

12 February 2018

Media Release - Vodafone has been awarded additional services under the New Zealand Government’s Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) panel.

Originally appointed to the TaaS panel in 2015 to provide services under Connectivity, Communications, Contact Centre, Aggregation Services and Managed Security services, Vodafone has now been selected to provide additional services under Managed Security services and a new fixed connectivity service called Sector Variant.

“Over the past two years, we’ve worked hard to enable a significant number of agencies to adopt TaaS services through our government-specific suite of solutions called Ready Government, “says Vodafone Enterprise Director Ken Tunnicliffe.

“By being entrusted to offer additional TaaS services, we’re in an even stronger position to help government deliver more great outcomes for New Zealand citizens.”

Tunnicliffe asserts the TaaS initiative is driving an exciting digital transformation across the public sector.

“We know that New Zealanders not only want but expect to access services digitally, whether that’s online banking, grocery shopping, or even monitoring their electricity usage. Their expectation of government services is no different. The challenge lies in helping agencies securely and cost-effectively transition existing infrastructure to a future-ready state so they can deliver what Kiwis expect.

“TaaS has been a great catalyst to help agencies of all sizes adopt smart, low risk, as-a-Service solutions that result in outcomes like more self-service, reduced waiting times, increased flexibility for public servants, and ultimately better value for taxpayers,” Tunnicliffe says.

“Vodafone is proud to be continuing our partnership with the New Zealand Government to create even more great results.”

The TaaS panel is administered by the Government Chief Digital Officer at the Department of Internal Affairs, and is currently used by over 240 agencies.

Vodafone Ready Government is available through the Government’s TaaS service catalogue.


Note to Editor:

About Vodafone Ready Government

Vodafone’s Ready Government proposition is backed by New Zealand's Future Network providing a triverse backbone of fibre for resilience and reliability.

Vodafone Ready Government is a part of Vodafone’s Enterprise division, where all customers are supported by business experts based throughout the country, plus a 24-hour dedicated support line.

About Sector Variant
Vodafone’s Sector Variant will provide agencies with greater flexibility to accommodate premises that have a fluid number of daily users, such as hospitals, libraries and university campuses. It offers a per-site (rather than a per-user) model that allows eligible organisations to determine their required bandwidth and number of access points.

Vodafone gets nod to offer additional services to government agencies under the TaaS Panel