Media Advisory: MyVodafone update

25 September 2019

An update to MyVodafone this morning resulted in an unexpected caching issue where account summary information for three customers may have been visible to logged-in users for a brief period. The issue was detected and fixed by Vodafone and we are contacting customers impacted. We sincerely apologise for any concern this may have caused.

More detail:

A planned upgrade to MyVodafone resulted in an unexpected caching issue. The upgrade was rolled back within 15 minutes and the caching issue corrected, however it did mean that for a period of time a number of users were able to see account summary information relating to one of the three affected customers. We’ve advised the Privacy Commissioner and have contacted these customers to notify them.

Our customers’ privacy is a top priority. We can confirm that three customers’ personal information were exposed in the brief period of time between the upgrade and the rollback this morning. The root cause of the incident has been identified and remedied, and as Vodafone is PCI compliant, full credit card details of these impacted customers were not visible.

Vodafone constantly reviews our security and privacy processes and have started a thorough end-to-end review of this incident to ensure it does not happen again.

We are contacting customers who may have seen another customer’s information. If you are not contacted, you were not impacted. We apologise for any concern this may have caused.

Media Advisory: MyVodafone update