Gold access, without the price tag; Vodafone Gold Plan offers great value for home connectivity

New fixed wireless 4G Broadband plan offers 60GB of data and home phone line for $40 per month

Economical home connectivity packages of internet nuggets are now available on Vodafone’s fast and reliable mobile network, including a 4G Broadband home wireless connection with 60GB of data and a phone line for just $40 a month - dropping to $30 a month for customers with an eligible Vodafone Pay Monthly Mobile Plan.

The newly launched Vodafone Gold Plan is available in large parts of urban and regional Aotearoa*, and includes an easy-to-install modem you can set up on your own with no need for cabling to be installed.

David Redmore, Acting Commercial Director, Vodafone NZ, says, “Connectivity has never been so affordable and this 4G Broadband product is a no-fuss home phone and internet solution. We wanted to make our Gold Plan as easy and cost-effective as possible, because lots of our customers tell us they don’t want to stream videos all evening. They just want to stay connected and have the ability to make calls or access online services, so they can complete their internet banking, browse the web or answer emails for example.

“Our Gold Plan is for anyone who wants gold-plated phone and internet access with a modest data allowance - from parents who want their kids to be able to do homework after school or during lockdowns while they have access to social media apps, to seniors looking for simple connectivity, or bach owners wanting to check the weather report before spending the day outdoors.

“We hope this will help with digital inclusion efforts - both in bringing the older generation online, as well as providing budget-conscious Kiwis in urban Aotearoa a great connectivity solution for around $1 a day.

“Wireless broadband, which is the internet delivered via a mobile network, is becoming increasingly popular and the interest following our launch of 5G Broadband has exceeded expectations. If fibre broadband isn’t an option in your home, or you can’t wait for a technician to install cabling, then wireless broadband is awesome.

“Our Gold Plan modem can be self-installed and set-up in minutes, but we have people in our retail stores who can explain the short steps required if customers want to purchase this plan in person and get instructions first.”

Last year, the Australian Government released a report prepared by the Bureau of Communications and Arts that estimated an individual’s basic data needs to fall between 2GB and 20GB per month, to be able to participate in the digital economy.

The Vodafone Gold Plan is available on a 12-month term**, including a modem (RRP $249), 60GB worth of data and a Home Wireless Landline including free calls to national landlines*** - and you can bring your existing phone number with you.

New Zealanders with a Vodafone Pay Monthly Mobile Plan can apply a $10 monthly discount, dropping the price of a Vodafone Gold Plan to just $30 a month.

To purchase a Vodafone Gold Plan, customers can either visit a Vodafone store or call 0800 787 001 for more information and to check whether their home address is in the applicable area.

This service does not come with a standard copper phone line. This means that services that use a copper landline, such as some medical alerts, monitored home alarms, faxes, the interactive features of SKY digital or PABXs are incompatible with Home Wireless Landline. Interested customers should contact their alarm provider to find out if there are compatible solutions available.

For more information, please visit

* Vodafone Gold Plan is not available in rural areas and some parts of New Zealand. To check availability, customers need to visit a Vodafone store or call 0800 787 001.
**Full terms and conditions can be found here; early termination fees apply to the 12-month contract:
***This modem will not work in a power cut, so if you are in a vulnerable situation and may need to call emergency services (111), a mobile phone connection will be required.

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