Decision on historical FibreX case received

Vodafone will shortly be sentenced for charges laid by the Commerce Commission three years ago. These historic charges, that date back to between 2016 and 2018, are in relation to the marketing of Vodafone’s hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network, formerly known as FibreX, together with other historic charges about the availability of broadband of services at particular addresses.

Vodafone apologises to anyone who may have been confused by the marketing or broadband availability associated with its FibreX network, which would have been seen three to five years ago.

Notwithstanding today’s decision on events, Vodafone is proud to be able to offer ultrafast broadband over its own gigabit network, and HFC remains an important part of the digital services company’s network assets.

The Commerce Commission’s reporting from March 2021* shows an HFC cable plan is the cheapest ultra-high user broadband plan in New Zealand.

The digital services company believes infrastructure competition and maximum customer choice in the important ultrafast broadband market should be welcomed.

Vodafone will continue to deliver fast and reliable fixed and wireless broadband services to customers throughout Aotearoa, including UltraFast HFC services to customers in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch.

*Information taken from page 14, OECD price benchmarking, Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report, 2020 Key Facts:

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