Affordable smart phones helping New Zealanders check in

Vodafone reports a 96% uplift in $79 entry-level devices as Kiwis look to access essential Covid apps

Following the need for a smart phone to access the Covid-19 Tracer App, Vodafone has seen a 96% increase in sales of its most popular entry-level device during July and August, the Smart E11, available for $79.

Nick Roberts, Vodafone’s Head of Sales Channels & Devices, noted there has been an uplift in entry level handset sales compared to June, with anecdotal reports indicating higher numbers of elderly people are buying these smartphones as a way to stay connected.

“Our retail staff are seeing many more customers coming instore to buy a new smartphone to access essential apps and be able to pay bills without visiting a store,” Nick said. “We subsidise the cost of these phones primarily to enable customers to get a great value 4G smartphone that gives them access to the Vodafone 4G network, and having to access the Covid-19 Tracer App is a feature that is important to customers.”

Having a smartphone, via an affordable device like the E11 ($79) enables Kiwis to visit locations more freely such as supermarkets, petrol stations and health services, without the concern of not being able to scan a QR code.

“Scanning-in is now even more important as new restrictions are added to the Covid-19 Alert Levels. We are helping increasing numbers of customers with these entry level handsets in store, and our retail staff are happy to assist customers by ensuring they have the Covid-19 Tracer App loaded on their phone and teach them how to use the app as well. This is proving to be popular with people who are newer to technology, or need a bit of extra assistance,” added Nick.

The E11 has a sleek, simple design and makes it easy to stay connected, whether you’re sending messages, making calls, scanning-in or using social media apps, plus front and back cameras to capture all your memories and a 4.95" display. It is available from Vodafone Stores, online from Vodafone as well as through other retailers such as Noel Leeming, The Warehouse and Harvey Norman.

Because these entry level handsets are locked to the Vodafone network, the E11 phone only works with a Vodafone NZ SIM, but a free Prepay MyFlex SIM is included with the handset. A $30 unlock fee may apply, see

To check out Vodafone’s full range of affordable smartphones, visit

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