Vodafone announces new marketplace to help SMEs go digital

Vodafone Business Marketplace launches today, offering New Zealand businesses curated digital products and services

Vodafone Business Marketplace will offer New Zealand business owners a new marketplace that will make purchasing different top-tier software solutions a breeze. Having the right apps and services to work digitally is a key part of business success, especially in light of Covid-19, and Vodafone wants to make the lives of business owners across the country easier.

Vodafone Business Marketplace will help businesses discover, purchase, and manage leading business applications and services. The first three vendors for these products are:

  • Microsoft 365 gives users the Microsoft software necessary for day to day collaboration and productivity across Word, Excel, Teams, and more.
  • Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the data protection that meets today’s demands. It helps keep your business running, protecting any workload, and avoiding costly downtime.
  • Vodafone Business Web Solutions provides a robust platform that helps businesses to build, expand and manage their online presence through a single intuitive interface. The platform helps business owners to build a website, get business email, and start selling their products online with eCommerce.

One key added benefit of Vodafone Business Marketplace is the 24/7 on call support available through Vodafone, which provides a single point of contact for help with all your tools. You can expect this roster to continue to grow with curated solutions by the digital experts at Vodafone. Vodafone Business Marketplace can help businesses all the way through their digital journey, from selecting leading digital products, and to setting them up, to the ongoing support they will need.

Annaliese Atina, Head of SME at Vodafone, plans for this product to remove pain points for New Zealand businesses across the country.

"Our economy is made up of small businesses and with the global developments over the past year these business owners have a lot on their plate. Our Business Marketplace will remove some of this stress for our customers and give them a seamless experience, so they continue to engage with their customers, manage cashflow better, and grow digitally to keep up in a competitive marketplace.”

Glenn Johnstone, Head of ICT Practices at Vodafone, said; “Technology is a vital component of doing business in the modern age. The pandemic dramatically accelerated digital adoption so, for smaller businesses to stay competitive, they must jump on board. As a trusted partner to our customers across the country it’s imperative we give them access to leading digital tools."

As an added value proposition to our customers, they can book in a free-of-charge ‘Digital Expert Session’ with a member of our talented staff. This includes a rundown of the digital tools we have available and the best bundle tailored to each individual business. For more details about this session please visit https://www.vodafone.co.nz/business/marketplace/

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