Vodafone’s 20 year old email platforms to close

8 September 2017

MEDIA RELEASEToday Vodafone New Zealand is alerting customers that their Vodafone email accounts will be closed on 30 November with a free auto-forwarding service available.

Vodafone NZ Consumer Director Matt Williams said “Since we launched our email service in the 1990’s, email and technology have grown up a lot and our customers have told us their email service is no longer delivering the sort of experience our customers need today.

“That’s simply not good enough for us here at Vodafone. We’ve made the decision to close the service down and connect customers who need a hand setting up a new account to the email experts, Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook,” said Matt.

For those customers who are keen to still receive the emails sent to their old account Vodafone will offer a free auto forwarding service so all their emails can be sent to their alternative address.

Many Vodafone email customers already have alternative web-based email services with greater functionality such as Gmail and Outlook which make email easy, secure and efficient. Customers get lots of storage space, less spam, fast search and access to an ever growing list of additional services. Creating an account only takes a few minutes and then it’s ready to use. And being the best email services on the Internet, they make it really quick and easy to transfer contacts and messages across.

All Vodafone email customers will receive an email with the news of the closure, support around how to set up auto-forwarding and an introduction to Google gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

What do Vodafone email customers need to do?

  1. Look out for their email from Vodafone alerting them that their Vodafone email account will be closing on 30 November. (If they’re not using it then no further action needed.
  2. If they haven’t already got an alternative email address, set up a new, up-to-date email account right away (Vodafone is working with Google and Microsoft to make this process easier, details are in their email from Vodafone) sending their new details to family, friends and other contacts including Vodafone.
  3. Follow the link provided in their email from Vodafone to set up a free auto forward to their new email address if they’d like this free service.
  4. Move contacts and any emails they want to keep across to their new account before 30 November.


For any help along the way Vodafone’s Ninjas have created some super simple tips and tricks to make the move easier. Head to vodafone.co.nz/email to find out more.

Email platforms affected by this change include addresses ending in:











Vodafone’s 20 year old email platforms to close

Vodafone’s 20 year old email platforms to close