Vodafone to offer new SKY pricing

28 February 2018

Media Release - Vodafone welcomes a bold move by SKY TV today to shake up its pricing and packages for the first time in many years.

From tomorrow, SKY TV will split its SKY Basic package into two parts – SKY Starter and SKY entertainment. It will also split the cost into two parts, so a customer can opt for the SKY Starter package with fewer channels as a starting point for their SKY subscription.

As a reseller of SKY TV, Vodafone looks forward to adjusting its own ‘Vodafone with SKY’ and Vodafone TV bundles to reflect the new pricing flexibility from SKY.

Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams said, “After many years we are excited by this change in the SKY packages to give flexibility and choice to customers, which we know is exactly what they want. We will introduce a new set of plans reflecting these packages very soon.”

Until then, Vodafone will continue to offer the traditional SKY Basic package - which is a combination of the SKY Starter and SKY Entertainment packages. Sky Basic includes all the channels form each package at a price that is the same as SKY’s new pricing for those products.

As part of its ‘Vodafone with SKY’ packages, Vodafone will also continue to offer free MYSKY which is valued at $15 dollars per month – ensuring Vodafone is always offering great value.

Vodafone will also be offering these new SKY TV packages as part of its innovative fibre and FibreX based Vodafone TV service.

Vodafone to offer new SKY pricing