Vodafone launches Unlimited Mobile plan for data hungry Kiwis

13 July 2018

Vodafone today announced the launch of an Unlimited Mobile plan which includes unlimited data*, as well as unlimited talk and TXTs to standard NZ and OZ numbers** for just $79.99 per month.

Speeds are reduced after 22GB on the plan, however customers will still have a good user experience including for video and music.  In addition, all video streaming on the plan is optimised to Standard Definition, which chews through less data so you can stretch it as far as possible before hitting the 22GB mark. 

Vodafone Consumer Director, Matt Williams, explains the Unlimited Mobile plan joins Vodafone’s suite of products designed for Kiwis who want to be free from data limits.

Our Unlimited plan is really the next logical step in what we call our data freedom journey. We started out with our launch of Vodafone Pass last year, which makes endless data*** accessible to everyone by offering a choice of Video, Chat, Social or Music data for a day, a week or a month.  The massive uptake of over half a million Vodafone Passes since launch tells us we definitely struck a chord.

“Now we’re taking the journey a step further by launching our Unlimited Mobile plan. Vodafone Pass is great for our customers who want endless data for specific types of content, and our newly launched Unlimited Mobile plan is for our customers who want complete data freedom,” Matt said.

Research shows that uncapped plans are becoming the expectation among consumers.

Matt explains, “Our research**** told us people were actively coming up with work arounds to cope with data limits. These behaviours became engrained in Kiwis’ daily life, like searching for free Wi-Fi sites, or waiting to get home to upload your Instagram pics.

“The new Unlimited Mobile plan is made for Kiwis who want to stay connected in real time and consume the content they love without worrying about running out of data,” Matt said.

So whether you need data for a day or a month, or want total freedom with the Unlimited Mobile plan, Vodafone’s got you covered.


*Max speeds reduced after 22GB. Maximum video quality is 480p/SD. No sharing, tethering or hotspots. Vodafone terms apply, see www.vodafone.co.nz/unlimitedmobile for terms.
**Unlimited talk and TXT is for standard person-to-person calls and TXTs to standard NZ and Australian numbers. Excludes special and premium numbers (i.e. short codes). Unlimited talk, TXT and data for personal use only.
***Some functions will still use your plan data.  No tethering or hotspots.  Fair use applies.  For personal use in NZ.  Must have an active data plan on an Android or iOS device.  See vodafone.co.nz/pass for terms.   
****Based on findings from a Data Usage & Attitudes Study among Kiwis 16 and over run by Colmar Brunton in 2017.  The study indicated both anxiety / “fear of running out” and behavioural work-arounds including deferring data heavy activities to home Wi-fi or free Wi-fi sites.
Vodafone launches Unlimited Mobile plan for data hungry Kiwis