Vodafone breaks down barriers with innovative service

10 August 2017

For Yun-Ho (Andy) Lin, today marks one of his proudest moments in his Vodafone career.

Vodafone is officially launching its wrap-around Red Connect service, designed for Chinese Kiwis, combining dedicated Chinese-speaking contact centre staff, Chinese speakers in key Vodafone stores, and an official Vodafone WeChat account.

As a Red Connect Team Leader Yun-Ho has just celebrated his fifth year working for Vodafone, and counts the launch as a career highlight.

“Sometimes there can be an age gap, where the customer might not be that tech savvy, and when English is not their first language it can be difficult.

“Having this specialist Chinese-speaking service is so helpful in providing the best service possible, they’re not having to constantly think, ok, what do I say next,” he said.

 Vodafone Head of Segment Marketing Delina Shields said, “Chinese speakers represent a growing and important part of our local community, as well as a fast-growing proportion of New Zealand’s overseas visitors.

“We’re committed to providing a service that recognises the needs of the community, and that includes providing dedicated teams who not only speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but also have a deep-seated understanding of Chinese culture and values.”

A key part of Red Connect is an official Vodafone WeChat account. The app is used by more than 938 million active users for everything from paying bills, to useful tips.

Bespoke content created in Chinese for Vodafone’s We Chat account includes product information, a collection of how-to guides and Chinese-subtitled help videos aimed at enhancing the experience for Vodafone’s Chinese speaking customers and improving access to services.

Mai Chen, Chair of NZ Asian Leaders, an organisation dedicated to developing and profiling top Asian leaders in New Zealand, said Red Connect is a welcome addition to the expanding range of services tailored for Chinese Kiwis.

“Some of our members have already trialled Vodafone’s Red Connect service and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It means a great deal to the growing Chinese population in New Zealand that firms like Vodafone are investing in them and focussed on meeting their specific needs.”

That positive feedback is down to the immensely passionate team working on the Red Connect Service.

“Having that hotline open now, people are amazed that Vodafone offers this. The good thing is that the team are very customer focused, they follow up to make sure the query is resolved, we really aim for that ask once experience,” Yun-Ho added.

Vodafone breaks down barriers with innovative service