#PhoneByDrone: Vodafone delivers its first iPhone 7 by drone

16 September 2016

This morning Vodafone made one of its first iPhone 7 customer deliveries by drone - the first iPhone delivery of its kind anywhere in the world.

A customised drone took off from Vodafone’s Viaduct Harbour headquarters in Auckland with a Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus fastened to its base.

The drone then flew around the Viaduct before touching down outside the Hilton Hotel on Princes Wharf. The device was then safely delivered to Irene Hu, one of Vodafone’s first customers to pre-order their iPhone 7 online.

“It’s so crazy to be one of the first people to actually have the iPhone 7 in my hands,” said Irene. “I really like new technology so to have my new iPhone 7 delivered by drone was pretty awesome,” she said.

Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams said the drone delivery was a special way to celebrate the launch of one of the world’s most hotly anticipated products.

“We love it when our customers get excited about new technology - so we thought what better way to acknowledge this shared passion than with a high-tech delivery of a phone by drone”.

“Technology and innovation is at the heart of what we do, and this is another example of how Vodafone can bring this to life in a way that’s exciting for our customers,” Matt said.

David ‘The Mad Scientist’ Drummond and his team of experts piloted the drone delivery.

“This has been a great project to work on,” said David. “It’s a world-first delivery of the iPhone by drone, and it’s something we’re really proud to be a part of,” he said.

Vodafone’s flagship store on Queen Street also saw plenty of iPhone 7 action this morning, with a horde of Apple enthusiasts lining up from as early as 8pm on Thursday evening.

To make their queuing experience as comfortable as possible, refreshments, entertainment, shoe-shines and makeovers were provided to help pass the time.

#PhoneByDrone: Vodafone delivers its first iPhone 7 by drone