Response to Commerce Commission Mobile Market Review

26 September 2019

We’re pleased the Commerce Commission has completed its Mobile Market Review and concluded that New Zealanders are well served on a global comparison for mobile connectivity. This is set to improve even further as Vodafone readies for New Zealand’s 5G network from December this year.

The Commerce Commission has recognised that New Zealanders receive a good deal when it comes to mobile plans and coverage, with prices at lower levels than the OECD average in all data categories analysed.

Pleasingly, New Zealand ranks eighth out of 88 OECD countries for 4G speed – and while 4G availability ranks a bit lower we are working to address this with our current investment into 400 x 4.5G site upgrades alongside our 5G network build.

We are also pleased to see the Commission recognise our recent MVNO partnership with Kogan Mobile has been positive for driving more competition in the local market.

While the Commission recognised there is a relatively small percentage of customers that switch between providers, our data shows a high number of Vodafone customers change the make-up of their mobile plans each year, as we continue to focus on ensuring existing customers are on the best plans for them.

The Mobile Market Review conclusion offers our new owners with some welcome investment certainty as we progress our renewed plans to advance the Vodafone network for the benefit of New Zealanders. We will continue to invest in our network and retail service quality initiatives to ensure we provide Kiwi consumers with a world-class and great value mobile offering.


Response to Commerce Commission Mobile Market Review